Here is a standard list of what to bring to the camp. These are personal things if you are going to stay in a cabin. We will tell you that the mattresses on the cabin beds are thin and not very supportive. Also the cabins have bunk beds; there will be a top and a bottom sleeping together. Bathrooms and showers are available indoors but are shared by others. 

​​​​​​Personal Gear List
Check List

1. Sleeping Bag ___
2. Extra Blanket ___
3. Pillow (if you need one) ___
4. Tent ___
5. Towel, wash cloth ___
6. Flashlight/batteries ___
7. Bug Repellant ___
8. Sunscreen ___
9. Rain Gear/Poncho ___
10. Toiletries (toothpaste, tooth brush, etc.) ___
11. Jacket or sweatshirt for cool evenings ___
12. Medication ___
13. Appropriate dress wear for mountain environment ___

If you have any questions regarding the list please contact the Cultural Resource staff at 928-769-2223 or 928-769-2234.

​​Thank you.