Cabins are being reserved for the elderly and those who have limited mobility. They are open to others after the elders have been taken care of. There are no completely ADA rooms, everyone will have to climb into beds or walk in the buildings. Some cabins may sleep 4 but it could be because there are 2 sets of bunk beds in the cabin. Cabins 1 – 14 are equipped with beds, tables, cook top stoves, refrigerators, heaters, electricity, bathrooms and showers, hot and cold water and some are available with fireplaces or wood stoves. Mattresses are thin and you may need some extra support. The committee has reserved cabins 1-14 for the 4 nights at the camp. Tents can be set up outside the cabins and would cost $7.00 a night for the space.
Below are the prices of the cabins for each night. Costs can be shared within the groups and others if some don’t mind bunking with other people. Marcie Craynon will be working with assigning the cabins and how payment will be taken care of.

​More information is at the bottom of this page. Please read to see what you need to bring. This is not a hotel, you have to bring your own bedding

​​Click here to check out the link to see more information about the cabins from the website 

Black and bold cabins mean they are available  Light blue means they have been taken​

​Stone Cabins:
#1 Boulder Run Double bed, fireplace, sleeps 2 $80

#2 Cliffrose Two double beds, fireplace, sleeps 4 $80

​#3 Avalanche Double bed, fireplace, sleeps 2 $80

​#4 Silverstone Double bed, set of twin bunk beds, fireplace, sleeps 4 $85

​​Wood Cabins
#5 Woodsman Double bed, sleeps 2 $65

​#6 Sweetwater Double bunks, wood stove, sleeps 4 $70

#7 Eagles Rest Double bunks, wood stove, sleeps 4 $70

​#8 Wildwood Double bunks, wood stove, sleeps 4 $70

​#9 Timberline Double bed, wood stove, sleeps 2, handicap $70

​#10 Stonebridge Double bed, sleeps 2 $65

​#11 Chaparral Double bunks, wood stove, sleeps 4 $70

​#12 Bushwhacker Double bunks, wood stove, sleeps 4 $70

​#14 Pinecrest Set of double bunk beds, set of twin bunk beds, wood stove, sleeps 6 $85

#15: Aspen – Double bunk beds (in separate room), set of twin bunk beds, wood stove, sleeps 6.

​​​Here are the cabin basics:

All reservations requests need to go to Marcie Craynon, ​928-769-2223. Call immediately​ if you any questions

Cabin 16 is reserved for YLFS staff and other work staff, information, rest, showers for campers, etc

Notice; cabins have been paid for the first night of 9/12/16, plus a $5.00 holding reservation fee;

1) Contact Marcie Craynon at 928-769-2223/2234

2) Request your cabin

​3) A list of cabins are on the site, but others have already began to reserve; it is first come first served basis

​4) Once your name is on the list, you will be given a final bill amount to process with your travel authorization

​5) Out of courtesy the first night was held, but it too, needs to be reimbursed back to YLFS, so please include that as part of your payment for lodging

​6) Once you get to the Hualapai Mountain Park you can pay your cabin with card, the first night processed back to YLFS, or given to Emilio Escalanti (he will be attending)

​7) If you do pay beforehand, please contact Marcie Craynon so that cabin will not be assigned to others.

​8) Do not hesitate to call for information or instruction: 928-769-2223