​​​​​​​Dear Relatives,

The 14th Yuman Language Family Summit Immersion Camp 2017 will be on June 26 – 29, 2017 at the Hualapai Youth Camp outside of Peach Springs, Arizona.

We will be honoring language activists who are dedicated to the preservation and revitalization of Yuman Languages. These are individuals who continue to speak their Yuman languages and are passing it on to the non-speakers by teaching, mentoring, making recordings, songs, storytelling, and speaking their native language whenever possible. We are requesting that you nominate 2-4 individuals from your community who are very involved and contribute to keeping the language alive.


​Please submit a short biography of the successful language maintenance and preservation activities that the individual is involved in. The individual does not need to be present to be honored we encourage it. The deadline for the nominations is June 12, 2017 so we can plan. Please turn in the names and addresses of the individuals to me. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Lucille J. Watahomigie, Director
Hualapai Education & Training Department
P.O. Box 179 460 Hualapai Way Peach Springs, Arizona 86434
Phone: (928) 769-2200, Fax: (928) 769-1011