Hello Campers! This is an update on April 27, 2017. Please read the following and we will update weekly on the website.

​​​     Welcome to a new direction in the revitalization of the Yuman languages. The current Yuman Family Language Summit Committee has decided to take the annual summit outdoors. Following a model of creating a language learning environment, the committee is planning a place where Yuman language can be spoken. For the upcoming year of 2017 the plans are to take our past summit participants and stay at the Hualapai Youth Camp in Peach Spring where we can learn, practice and speak our languages. 

​ Our long term goal is to provide a foundation for each tribe to set up their own camps and other events to use the language. We will work will a pre-set list of phrases and words but it will be up to the people to come up with their defined list. The list of phrases to translate into the Yuman language and to bring to the camp with will be on the site under lists.

Our registeation form is aviable for you to down load. Go to the menus above ancd click on REGISTRATION 2017.  There is a registration fee to off-set the costs of the food and cooks.

We had a wonderful site visit on April 24th. The camp site is gorgeous! (I am including some photos, click here for the link.) They are just finishing up the grounds and getting the lodge areas smoothed out. The area feels so good and is less rocky then the wonderful Hualapai Mt. Camp grounds. ​​Some rooms and indoor sleeping quarters are available for the elderly and those with limited capabilities. Tent camp sites are all over the place and we are
working on designated camps sites for the Mohave, Quechan, Cocopa, Kumeyaay, Hualapai and more. There are 6 pads available for RV's We are putting the bids in for a cook to help us with our needs but we are also having the camps cook at their site if they want to. This is open to all those interested in speaking, learning and using our languages. We are also looking to create “lifelines” of language speakers to help people “stay in the language.”

​    We look forward to your participation and we will help you get the lists of things you need to bring, cabins to rent and most important, using your language in a themed setting. Get ready to speak and learn.

                                                      Yuman Family Language Summit Committee