Yuman Summit Committee Planning Meeting
Thursday, Feb. 18, 2016 ​
​11:00- 2pm meeting.
Quechan Resort and Casino
Ft.Yuma Reservation in Yuma
Fritz Brown Room​
525 Algodones Rd.
Winterhaven CA. 92283

We will be discussing an Immersion Camp for the Yuman Peoples

  • We will be discussing a time line for implementation of the Yuman Immersion Camp. 
  • A mini-camp is being discussed for the early summer of 2016 to work on language planning for the whole Yuman group. This will be made up of people interested in being guides for the immersion camp. Details will be worked out in this meeting
  • We are currently putting together a baseline of 100 phrases that will be used during the YLFS camp. These are drafts of language conversation and can be used as a guide for the different tribes.
  • We are discussing another immersion workshop for the year 2016 in place of a full summit. This would introduce the working basics of immersion for all.
  • Everything mention is still in the discussion and planning stages. We will need input from other language programs, teachers, learners, elders and more. Please make an effort to attend.

​​​​Plans are moving forward with an Immersion Language Participation Summit.  The general idea is to have a camp-out using our respected Yuman languages, doing activities and sharing with each other the wonderful specialties that make us Yuman.  We need input from the other bands to make this a reality. It has been done previous with the Pai Camps and we see that it can work on a larger scale. But it takes planning. So come out for the meeting while there's still time and contribute your ideas. Remember, It's a community's responsibility to keep the language living. 

​For information contact:​ 

Marcy at Hualapai Cultural Resources 928-769-2223
Theo De la rosa ​  928-575-3493

Gary Owens at​
​Huhugam Ki Museum 
480-362-6320: Mon.-Fri., 9:30 am -4:30 pm​​​