​FRIDAY - April 22, 2016
​11am lunch meeting 

Yavapai Prescott Offices
530 E Merritt
Prescott AZ. ​​

We have reserved  ​6 rooms for 4/21 (Thursday evening) – two with 2 queen beds and 4 with 1 king and pull out sofa. The rate is $79.00. They are being held under the name Yuman Language Summit

They are almost fully booked so as rooms with 2 queen beds come available, they will switch the rooms from the 1 king w/sofa.
Call 928-776-1666 or visit the website:

  • We will be discussing plans for the mini-camp is to be hed in the fall of 2016. This will be made up of people interested in being guides for the major immersion camp in late spring/early summer of 2017. Details will be worked out in this meeting
  • We are currently putting together a baseline of 100 phrases that will be used during the YLFS camp. These are drafts of language conversation and can be used as a guide for the different tribes.
  • We will discuss whether we will plan another immersion workshop for the year 2016 in place of a full summit. This would introduce the working basics of immersion for all.
​​​​​​Plans are moving forward with an Immersion Language Participation Summit.  The general idea is to have a camp-out using our respected Yuman languages, doing activities and sharing with each other the wonderful specialties that make us Yuman.  We need input from the other bands to make this a reality. It has been done previous with the Pai Camps and we see that it can work on a larger scale. But it takes planning. So come out for the meeting while there's still time and contribute your ideas. Remember, It's a community's responsibility to keep the language living. 

​For information contact:​ 

Linda Ogo at YPIT ​​(928) 445-8790.

Marcy at Hualapai Cultural Resources 928-769-2223
Theo De la rosa ​  928-575-3493

Gary Owens at​
​Huhugam Ki Museum 
480-362-6320: Mon.-Fri., 9:30 am -4:30 pm​​​