Yuman Language Family Summit Immersion Camp June 26-29, 2017. Hosted in Peach​ Springs at Hualapai Youth Camp
All Gathering to Talk the Language

​"​Điga:vik, bay ba Gwa:wjik" (Hualapai)

"​Matasheevshik kwaarkwaarm"  (Piipaash)

LAST Yuman Language Family
Summit Steering Committee Mtg.
Monday May 15, 2017 11am-2pm
Hualapai Cultural Center, next to Hualapai lodge in Peach Springs​

​​Meeting Agenda​:
--Camp Schedule draft and revisions​
--Presentation and cultural teachings​
--Registration Form for participants​
--Elderly and limited use camping arrangements​

--Introduction of language use master plan for YLFS       2017​

We are working with Hualapai Lodge and Grand Canyon Caverns to secure rooms people to rent. We will have updates as soon as we can get them posted ​​

For more information and contacts:
Theo De laRosa 928-575-3493
Marcey Craynon 928-769-2223
Gary Owens 480-362-6320 (Mon-Fri. 8-5pm)​​​​