​Yuman Language Family Summit Immersion Camp hosted in Peach Springs in the Summer of 2017.

Yuman Language Family
Summit Steering Committee Mtg.
Thursday March 16, 2017,  11am-1pm 
Lunch Provided; RSVP to Theo de la Rosa

Colorado River Indian Tribe, Parker AZ
Manataba Park Stage  -  4th & Mohave Road Across the Tribal Administration Complex

—Wrap-up and review of the Fall Immersion Camp
   ​ Project 2016
—Plans for the YLFS Full Immersion Camp
—Update of Hualapai Facilities
—Financial Report and Donation recruitment
—Subcommittee selection
To consider next meeting:
*Language use in the camp
*Immersion Camp programming
*Name of camp
*Registration form and fees involved

For more information, contact

Theo De laRosa 928-575-3493
Marcy Craynon 928-769-2223
Gary Owens 480-362-6320 (Mon-Fri. 8-5pm)