Remember to get this information out to your fellow tribal members who are interested in participating in this year’s summit.

Welcome to the Yuman Summit Language camp 2019 There have been some changes.

• We are employing a camp director for the summit. He and an assistant will be working on the upkeep and safety of the participants. They will be in contact with the emergency people and be in contact with outside sources in case others need to get ahold of campers.
• Everyone must check in whether they are staying overnight or not. Participants who are at the camp will have either a name badge or visitors wrist band. This is for accountability and for getting something to eat.
• Enclosed is an overhead map of the camp and designated areas. Please look over and see where you may be able to set up your camps. REMEMBER, 1st come 1st serve regarding camping. Some areas have already been claimed by the groups who attended the last meeting at the youth camp.
• The Hualapai Forest department have recently began a system of monitoring who camps and visits their national forests. Permits are required for each person/ group that are going to be at the camp. We are looking for numbers and the tribes represented there. This is for the safety in case of fire, flood or animal encounters.
• We are asking for a representative for each camping group to be the head person to report to the camp manager and assistant. So in case of an emergency there is a way to make sure everyone is accounted for.

​​Below is the role of the camp managers and the importance and what we can look forward to for the summit. Please take a look and read carefully to make sure you understand what will be going on. We are asking groups to help police the area and take care of the cleanup in the lodge too.
Remember that we are in the wilderness and mother nature is the one who will dictate what is going on. This role of the camp manager will be explained fully when you arrive.

Language Summit Camp Manager and Assistant
o Coordinates with and serves organizers, youth or other camp manager, emergency response, kitchen staff and others to make sure the camp runs smoothly and safely.
• Hualapai Dispatch Phone Numbers
o From-home emergency notification – Dispatch is in radio contact with camp emergency response staff
 Emergency (928) 769-2656
 Non-Emergency (928) 769-6446

o Check in at the check in station
 Camp Participants – Lanyard ID
 Visitors – Bracelet ID
o Camp location is first arrival, first choice.
o When parking, back cars into designated parking area.
o Choose one group member others respect to coordinate with Camp Manager
o Tell Camp Manager who this is.
• Daily Tasks
o Everybody – take care of each other and keep camp area neat and clean.
 Elders eat first or have a plate taken to them at each meal.
o Presenters – Get ready for your presentations.
o Non-presenters – Appointed leader meets with Camp Manager for Daily Service coordination.
 Daily Service Assignments – write and say in your language. Post in vicinity
• Morning: Clean, sweep and mop east shower/restroom area.
• Restock east shower/restroom area.
• Clean, sweep and mop main shower/restroom area.
• Restock main shower/restroom area.
• Sweep walks and ramada area
• Help set up each presentation as needed – tables, chairs, etc.
• Evening: Restock bathrooms with paper products as necessary.
• If there will be a fire, find fire wood.
o Everybody – sign in and out for morning and evening count.
• Camp Manager
o Always knows where the check in list is.
 Updates morning and evening.
o Each day informs the group where the emergency safety zone or emergency escape route is located.
o Makes sure vehicles are backed in.
o Coordinates setup, cleanup and take down.
o Coordinates with non-registered visitors supporting or coming into camp.
Deals with unforeseeable/unknown events with camp leaders

​​​​UPDATE JULY 10, 2019 Please read all the way to the end.

Registration is still open!​
Please remember to get this information out to your fellow tribal members who are interested in participating in this year’s summit.

Registration is still open, there is no penalty for going past the July 1st date. It will be open until the end of this week July 12, 2019.
• There is a fax number if you can send the forms in. 480-362-5726
• Payment can be made at the summit registration table when you check in. What we need is a head count for the Forest service and the food vendor.
• The registration fee is 75.00 across the board. There is no elder, adult or child designation.
• We need the numbers of how many to expect. Please take the time and get your registrations into Toni Carlyle or Gary Owens at the Huhugam Ki Museum. If you have trouble let us know immediately. 480-362-6320, Mon.-Fri. 8-5pm

Arts and Crafts:
• This session is being planned as part of the summit’s language presentations. Last year we had the Pai Pai come up. This year we are relying on each tribal group to try and provide one. These would be represented of your tribe and land base meaning that it can be a traditional process that you can show and let other participate.
• Plan for enough supplies for about 50-75 if you are doing a hands on. If you are working with a process or making a food, bring enough for others to try or taste.
• Dance and song are encourage, even playing games in the languages can be done.
• We want to have people leave with the ability to adapt the language into all activities.
• If you have any more questions or need some ideas please contact Lucille Watahomogie 928-769-2223 (OFFICE) Leota Standing Elk 480-362-2627 (OFFICE) Emilio Escalanti 928-920-7805, Gertrude Smith 928-649-6963 or me, Gary O. 480-362-6316 (OFFICE)

Honoring Night for the summit:
• This will take place on Wednesday evening July 17th according to the schedule
• Each tribal group will present to the honoring committee a maximum of 4 people who participate in language speaking, teaching, curriculum, or any facet of working with preservation of the tribal languages.
• They can be either youth that show a promise or an elderly or adult that have the commitment to the languages.
• Tribal groups will be responsible for the gift, plaque, etc. or whatever is deemed appropriate for the honoree.
• Gertrude Smith from Camp Verde is still the contact number for questions 928-649-6963. I am enclosing the nomination form for all. As it is less than a week away please hand carry the forms to the camp.
• If you have any questions please contact Gertrude at Camp Verde 928-649-6963

This is the end for today :)

​​​​Yuman Language Family Summit Immersion Camp 2019

​​​​Yuman Language Family Summit Immersion Camp
July 15-18, 2019
Hualapai Youth Camp near Peach Springs AZ.

Join us as we all participate in a Yuman Language Use Summit 2019
Participants include language teachers, fluent speakers, and language learners:
• We will work with models of language for use in this setting
• Try conversations and translation structure
• Participate in cultural presentation using language conversation and immersion
• Camp out in our own languages.
• Work with Yuman fluent speakers and cultural knowledge.
• Develop a basic model of creating a language learning environment
• Plan Yuman language use in our daily lives.
This is an outdoor camping event. Amenities and use of the Hualapai Youth buildings will be reserved for the elders and those with limited capabilities. Payment for housing and registration is on your own. ALL REGISTRATION PAYMENT NEEDS TO BE MADE OUT TO YUMAN LANGUAGE FAMILY SUMMIT. The YLFS committee will oversee the camp area and assignment of cabins, tent areas. Some meals will be included in this event. Come and help and make a fire in the language! Information packets will go out May 23rd. Registration begins May 23, 2019
For more information please call:

​Theo de la Rosa 928-575-3493

Emilio Escalanti 928-920-7805​

​Lyndee Hornell 928-769-2223

​Gary Owens 480-362-6320 Mon-Fri. 8-5pm 

Welcome to a new direction in the revitalization of the Yuman languages. The current Yuman Family Language Summit Committee has decided to once again hold the annual summit outdoors. Following a model of creating a language learning environment, the committee is planning a place where Yuman language can be spoken. For the upcoming year of 2019 the plans are to take our past summit participants and stay at the Hualapai Youth Camp in Peach Spring where we can learn, practice and speak our languages.

Our long term goal is to provide a foundation for each tribe to set up their own camps and other events to use the language. We will provide a pre-set list of phrases and words but it will be up to the people to come up with their defined list. The list of phrases to translate into the Yuman language and to bring to the camp is included in this packet but you can add to it and we encourage you to add to it.

We are working along the same plan that we had in 2017.We will be back at the Youth camp Some rooms and indoor sleeping quarters are available for the elderly and those with limited capabilities. Tent camp sites are all over the place and we are working on designated camps sites for the Mohave, Quechan, Cocopa, Kumeyaay, Hualapai and more. There are 6 pads available for RV's. We are putting the bids in for a cook to help us with our needs. This is open to all those interested in speaking, learning and using our languages. We are also looking to create “lifelines” of language speakers to help people “stay in the language.” In 2017 we found that we had a lot of youth joined us for this camp and we want to make sure that we get youth involved. We would ask that if there will be a group of youth attending from your community that they have the right amount of chaperones for the event.

We look forward to your participation and we will help you get the lists of things you need to bring, cabins to rent and most important, using your language in a themed setting. Get ready to speak and learn.

Yuman Family Language Summit Committee