Yuman Summit Committee 2016 Planning Meeting
Friday Oct. 2, ​11:00 AM
​NO LONGER AT Blue Water Lagoon Club House.

The meeting has been moved to the
​Bluewater Resort and Casino, SW entrance

  • Have you ever wanted to go beyond the classroom in language learning?
  • Did you want to try conversation in the language while working on a project? ​
​​Plans are moving forward with an Immersion Language Participation Summit in the late spring of 2016. The general idea is to have a camp-out using our respected Yuman languages, doing activites and sharing with each other the wonderful specialites that make us Yuman.  We need input from the other bands to make this a reality. It has been done previous with the Pai Camps and after a wonderful presentation at last month's Summit meeting in Prescott, we see that it can work on a larger scale. But it takes planning. So come out for the meeting while there's still time and contribute your ideas. Remember, It's a communitie's responsibility to keep the language living.

​And after the meeting, have fun at the CRIT Native Days!

Call Theo De la rosa for information​
​Huhugam Ki Musem 
480-362-6320: Mon.-Fri., 9:30 am -4:30 pm


CRIT Native American Days Fair and Expo ​
​October 1-4, 2015,  Parker AZ.


​ ​​Friday Oct. 2, at the EXPO:
5 – 10pm: Bird Singing and Dancing
​  at the Elder’s Village;

​​6pm- Gourd Dancing-Pow-Wow;
​7pm- Grand Entry-Pow-Wow;
​9pm- Mega Fire Works.

Go to the CRIT Web-site for more information and numbers