We need language for the camp, a starting point. So we have come up with some phrases that you can translate into the Yuman languages. It is not the only list, it is one of many to start with. If you already have a list of phrases, bring them along. We have 101 phrases and although it seemed like a lot it it was barley the beginning.  Take a look and if you come up with more please share them with others. I am enclosing this in a word document so you can save it to your computer and add the language without having to write the English all over again. We will add more to the page as we get them.
     ​Take a look and see what you can translate in your language. You don’t have to fit the Yuman to the English; if you don’t have a phrase for it then that’s okay. Remember this is just a starting point. You may want to go in a different direction. Please be willing to share what you come up with, with your fellow Yumans

​​(Form may download automatically or you may have to click on it
​and save it to your desktop. When you save it, fill it out as best you can)

Have fun!

101 beginning phrases​​