Goals and Objectives of The Annual Yuman Language Family Summit
Voted on by Steering Committee Members 2002

Mission: The Yuman Nation were one people at one time through the commonality of our language. Together we will restore and reclaim the language using the culture, traditions, history, spirituality, songs and stories. It is our inherent right and responsibility to encourage and motivate others to speak the language to promote culture and traditions. We will use our resources to develop programs and projects that will create and empower Yuman language speakers.

Goal #1: To develop communication between Yuman Language Family Native Language Programs.

Objective 1 A: Identify and contact tribal communities whose native language is a Yuman language.

Objective 1 B: Conduct scheduled meetings between the representatives and members of the Yuman speaking 
                         tribal communities.

Objective 1 C: Hold an annual Yuman Language Summit to provide updates on current language programs, to
                         present plans for future language programs, and to develop plans for collaboration and provision of
                         technical assistance between the Yuman speaking groups.

Goal #2: To maintain, revitalize, and restore Yuman languages in their home community
Objective 2 A: At the annual Yuman Language Summit and at other Yuman language meetings, promote and
                         support networking and sharing of Yuman culture and languages to develop Native language
                         programs which will document, record, and teach the Yuman languages in their respective
                         communities or at multi-tribal Yuman language learning camps, and other programs.
Objective 2 B: Assist in identifying needs for technical assistance, and language planning assistance to preserve,
                        maintain and revitalize Yuman languages in tribal communities, with a special urgency to support and
                        assist those tribes and communities whose Yuman language is not being spoken or passed on at a
                        rate that ensures its continued use and vitality among tribal members and in tribal communities.
Objective 2 C: Collaborate and assist other Yuman Language Native Language Programs in planning, organizing 
                         and conducting educational courses/workshops for Yuman language learners, Yuman language
                         teachers, tribal department staff and communities organized for achieving the long-range goal of
                         language revitalization