Welcome to the Yuman Language Family Summit History Page.  Here is where we can take a look back at the past summits and see how we have progressed in our task of revitalization, maintenence and use of the Yuman languages.  We will be collecting materials, pictures, presentation abstracts, etc. and present them for you and future generations of Yuman language learners.  Some items may have spelling mistakes but we want to present them in the manner that they were submitted.  We will catagorize the materials based upon the year that they were presented at the Summits.  Please keep in mind that dated information such as names, positions, phone numbers and addresses may no longer be releavant.

Presentation content was the responsibility of the presentor/s and is not the formal opinion of the Yuman Language Family Summit Steering Committee.

Agendas, Reviews and Articles:

2001  1st YLFS @ Peach Springs, AZ
2003 2nd YLFS @ Parker, AZ
2004 3rd YLFS @ Parker, AZ
2005 4th YLFS @ Yuma, AZ
2006 5th YLFS @ Yuma, AZ
2008 6th YLFS @ Barona, CA
2009 7th YLFS @ Sycuan, CA